Ujigawa Akira (referred to sometimes as Akira or just Aki) is the main character of 15: MKKRB written by Naruse Yoshiki. He is a first-year at Miyagi Prefecture Meisetsu Industrial High School and is the kicker of the Meisetsu Rugby Team


Name Edit

Throughout the manga scanlations, both Ujikawa and Uchigawa are romanisations used for Akira's surname. In the Japanese manga, hiragana show the pronunciation (and thus the right romanisation) of his surname: うぢがわ (u ji ga wa)  アキラ (a ki ra).

Appearance Edit

A bit on the smaller side but not incredibly short. His most distinctive features are his bright red hair that sticks straight upwards and falls a little beneath his large brown eyes. He is usually seen wearing his school uniform or his rugby clothes. On casual days he can be seen wearing normal getup, such as a polo and some jeans. His current jersey number is 15.

Personality Edit